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2nd Annual
International Conference on
Transgenerational Trauma
     October 16-19, 2013

     Amman, Jordan

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8th Annual
International Conference on
Engaging The OTHER
     Spring, 2014
     Michigan USA

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5th Annual
International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, & Peace
      Spring, 2013
Dearborn, Michigan USA

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Provided by
Common Bond Institute

CBI provides contracted professional operational, coordination, and consulting services, as well as in some cases direct collaboration, to like-purposed organizations wishing to design, produce, and operate events and projects

A core goal of CBI is to assist like-purposed organizations and groups by providing needed services and forming strategic alliances to establish and maintain conferences, events, and capacity building projects that promote understanding, conflict transformation, social healing, and a consciousness of peace.

The team with Common Bond Institute has worked in the field of conflict transformation, civil society, and related human services for over 33 years, with a strong track record of having organized nearly 40 major international conferences and numerous capacity building skills training programs in various countries and cultures, as well as offering needs assessment, program development, resource development, coordination, and networking support to assist newly emerging human service, civil society, and educational organizations in developing societies.

Over the course of this work we have also developed an extensive global network of colleague organizations, expert trainers, professionals, and activists.

Although our work is global and we work with organizations and groups from all areas of the world, in addition to programs held in the US, some specific regions of conflict where we have held many of our conferences and trainings include the Middle East, Russia, regions of the former Soviet Union, Balkans, and Caucuses.

As one of the services we offer, we periodically contract with like-purposed organizations to provide expertise and task completion, in addition to extensive networking resources and opportunities for linking to collaborative efforts to augment an organizations programs, and in ways that save on precious financial resources. Since it is also contract based and tied to meeting identified tasks and goals, it allows organizations to take advantage of our services and talents for as long or short as they deem it necessary.

Organizations and groups interested in exploring this service as an alternative in meeting their needs can contact Common Bond Institute at:
E-mail:  or  Tel/Fax: 269-665-9393

Among Services Provided Are:
     Design, production, and implementation of all aspects of
           events and capacity building projects

    • Design and development of program, expert pool of trainers and presenters, operational systems, and logistics
    • On-site operations of events and projects, including staffing
    • Development of products and outcomes

     Network building through events, related projects, and
           organizations to support program efforts and outcomes
           and to promote strategic partnerships

     Assisting in envisioning and developing an overall strategic plan
          to effectively reflect an organizational mission

     Needs assessment and practical recommendations for addressing them

     Program/Project evaluation and recommendations

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Common Bond Institute
Steve Olweean, Director,
12170  S. Pine Ayr Drive •
Climax, Michigan49034 USA
1-269-665-9393  (Phone and Fax

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