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2nd Annual
International Conference on
Transgenerational Trauma
     October 16-19, 2013

     Amman, Jordan

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8th Annual
International Conference on
Engaging The OTHER
     Spring, 2014
     Michigan USA

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5th Annual
International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, & Peace
      Spring, 2013
Dearborn, Michigan USA

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See Below for Full Instructions on How To Register
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 Fees and Registration 

7th Annual International Conference on
"Engaging The Other:"

The Power of Compassion


~ May 4-5, 2013 ~

 Schedule and Program Overview  ~  Print version of Program    

We encourage you to register early. Registration is not confirmed until after full payment is received. Session sizes are limited.

 All Conference Program Registrations are handled through Common Bond Institute via this registration page.
 Hotel Accommodations are arranged individually by each participant. We have secured a special conference rate at the Double Tree Hotel, the conference site (see Site and Travel page). 

 Conference Registration and
Payment Options (see instructions below)    

    Option 1 »  Register On-Line (see 4 step process below) *
    Option 2 »
 Register by E-mail
    Option 3 »
 Register by Hardcopy
Option 4 »  Register On-Site (note late registration fee)
    Option 1 »  Payment through PayPal Online Banking
    Option 2 »
 Payment by mailed check, or money order
(check or money orders must be received 14 days
                         prior to the conference
 to be processed (by April 19).
After this please use PayPal or pay on-site)
    Option 3 »
 Payment by wire transfer
Option 4 »  Payment on-site by cash, PayPal, money order
                        travelers check, check
or cashiers check


4 Registration Methods:

Option 1 »  Register On-Line  
                         (see 4 step process to follow below):

Conveniently and securely register through Eventbrite on-line registration service and make payment through PayPal * on-line banking service using this option - with immediate processing and confirmation. PayPal includes credit card and E-check withdrawl options. (There is a modest service fee added by Eventbrite for on-line registrations).
The button link below will take you to the secure On-Line registration form.
For your convenience, if you should experience any difficulty in using the
PayPal service you can call their help line for assistance:

Please keep a copy of your full registration, including fee selections, for future reference.

Option 2 »  Register by E-mail:
  Copy the Email version of the Registration form into an Email to complete and return to us by Email. You may also contact CBI to request the Email version of the form be sent to you by Email.
Payment can also be made with these options by either of the 3 options listed below, including PayPal. 

Option 3 »  Register by Hardcopy - via Landmail or Fax:
The above Registration form can also be printed and submitted by landmail or fax (see CBI contact information below for mailing or faxing information).
Payment can also be made with this option by either of the 3 options listed below, including PayPal. 

Option 4 »  Register On-Site:
  On-Site Registration opens Saturday morning at 8:00 am
Payment can also be made with this option by cash, check, money order, or PayPal (Internet linked computers available at registration for this purpose). 



 4 simple steps to Register and Pay fees:
(please submit a separate registration for each participant)
 Click the red "Register On-Line" button below to open the ETO Conference On-Line Registration Form in a separate window.
   2)  Make your FEE Selections on the 1st page of the Registration Form, then CONFIRM selected items before clicking "Order Now" and moving on to the 2nd page (for any items you do not wish to select or are not paying for simply choose "none" in the list of options).
   3)  Complete the additional requested information on the 2nd page, then confirm and click "Continue" to move on to the PayPal website for payment.

Process your PAYMENT securely through PayPal by credit card or bank account withdrawl. A full, detailed summary of fees selected will be provided by PayPal at this final stage of registration payment.
This will be your Fee Payment Receipt and Confirmation
Please PRINT this receipt for your records and bring it with you to the conference check-in on-site as verification if needed.
Any questions regarding using PayPal can be directed to their PayPal help line at: 1-888-221-1161

Eventbrite - 7th Annual International Conference on "Engaging The Other:" The Power of Compassion


4 Payment Methods for all registrations:

Option 1 »  Payment can be made by PayPal secure Internet banking for ALL registration options, including On-line, Email, Hard-copy, and On-Site registrations.
  - If you use the above on-line registration process you will automatically be taken to our account on the PayPal website at the end to make payment (as described above).
  - You can also pay by PayPal if you use the Email or hardcopy registration form options. Once you complete the form and determine the fee, simply click the PayPal button link below to go directly to our account with PayPal and full details on how to use this secure service for your fee payment (including credit card and bank account withdrawl options). If needed, the PayPal help line for any questions is: 1-888-221-1161
A full, detailed summary of fees paid will be provided by PayPal at completion of payment.
This will be your Fee Payment Receipt and Confirmation
Please PRINT this receipt for your records and bring it with you to the conference check-in on-site as verification if needed.

  - If you register on-site you can also access PayPal through an Internet-linked computer at the Registration table.

Option 2 »   Payment can be made by mailing fees directly to CBI at the address below (cashier's check, money order, or check)
Please make all checks payable to: "Common Bond Institute"
Please note: Payment must be in U.S. funds and received within 14 days of the conference (by April 19) in time to record and deposit payments.
 If check, money order, or cashiers check can not be received for deposit by April 19 please use the PayPal service for immediate verification of your payment in time for arriving on-site at the conference.
PayPal accepts checks as well as credit cards.

Option 3 »   Payment by wire transfer (contact CBI for wiring instructions:

Option 4 »   Payment On-Site by cash, travelers check, check, cashier's check, or money order.

 Registration Fees:
    Options are: FULL Conference Registration  and
                              HALF Conference Registration *
    There are current discounts for students, members of co-sponsoring
       and supporting organizations, and group registrations of 3 or more.
       All discounts are with proof of status at registration and check-in
    Subsidized Fees:
In keeping with our philosophy of working to
       minimize economic disparity between countries and reduce barriers
       to participation, we offer subsidized (discounted) fee rates to low
       income participants from lower economies who have little or no        
       ability to pay. Participants who qualify for this category are asked
       to contact Common Bond Institute directly for a program fee quote.
       We operate on the honor system and appreciate your cooperation
       and support in providing accurate information to allow this intent
       to be successful and enable us to assist those in need

1. FULL 2 day Conference Participation Fees:
       Sat. morning 4th - Sun. afternoon
       Note Important Conference Program Fee Dates: 

       1)   $ 100    General
       2)   $   75   Supporting Organization Member
       3)   $   60    Co-Sponsor Organization Member
       4)   -Free-   Full Time Students                            

* NOTE: HALF Conference Participation is available as
        an opton for those who cannot attend the full 2 days,
        and at the indicated rates and dates below.
Half-Conference Registration is for EITHER:
        Saturday Only  -OR-  Sunday Only

        (Please indicate which days on Registration Form)
        Half-Conference participants must use registration
        options 2, 3,
or 4 above (i.e. not the On-line process).

2.  HALF (1/2) Conference Participation Fees: *
     1)   $   50   General                                               
     2)   $   40   Supporting Organization Member 
     3)   $   30   Co-Sponsor Organization Member
     4)   -Free Full Time Students

  Tax Deductible Contributions to Scholarships:  
The ETO Conference is principally funded through registrations. To assist in promoting important diversity of participation and accessibility,
we make every effort to include students, representatives of developing countries, and low income community activists by providing scholarships and subsidies. To assist in this effort, we encourage and appreciate donations to our subsidy fund.
Contributions are Tax Deductible
for US taxes and can be made by check or credit card to: the International Humanistic Psychology Association, a 501(c)3 federal nonprofit. Contact Common Bond Institute for details at: 269-665-9393 or
In addition, organizations are encouraged to sponsor their representatives and populations they serve.

  Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are given for cancellations received in writing by April 1, minus a $25 non-refundable administrative fee.
After April 1, no refunds are possible.
Assignments possible:
You may also assign your registration to someone else for participation at no charge (assignments must be made prior to the conference date in person by phone or in writing directly to Common Bond Institute) .

  Program Ads and Display Space available
        Details and order forms available at:

              Program Brochure Ads
              Advertize on Participant Tote Bag
Display Tables

* A discounted rate for our participants has been arranged at the conference hotel: Double Tree Hotel. See "Site and Travel" page

 Extended Stays in the Dearborn / Detroit area:
Participants may wish to consider adding some time to their conference trip to enjoy the many attactions in the area. Further information on area attractions is available through the Detroit Region Convention and Visitors Bureau website.


Detailed information on air, train, car, and bus modes of travel to the conference site. Information is also indicated for our official ETO Conference travel agency - West Wind Travel.

2013 ETO Conference Information: 

 Underlying Concepts
Main ETO Conference Page
Site and Travel Information
Program Overview and Schedule

Print version of Program
Presenter Biographicals
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Press Room
   1 page Color Conference Flyer (pdf)
   1 page Black & White Conference Flyer (pdf)
   1 page Color Conf. Poster - 8 1/2 X 14 si
ze (pdf)
   On-Site Video Interviews and Proceedings
Conference Notice - Email version
Conference Staff Contacts for information

Volunteer Application
- be part of the effort

Presenter Proposal Form:    (HTML version)
Dialogue Facilitator Form:  (HTML version)

Advertize and Display:

   Advertize in On-Site Conference Program
   Advertize on Participant Tote Bag
   Exhibit Table Space is Available

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