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2nd Annual
International Conference on
Transgenerational Trauma
     October 16-19, 2013

     Amman, Jordan

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8th Annual
International Conference on
Engaging The OTHER
     Spring, 2014
     Michigan USA

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5th Annual
International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, & Peace
      Spring, 2013
Dearborn, Michigan USA

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 Trauma Recovery - Jordan

Catastrophic Trauma
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Bait Al Hayat / House of Life - Children's Treatment Center

Capacity for Peace and Democracy


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Multimedia Resource Library

Watch for more taped proceedings, interviews, and graphics from all CBI Conferences, and visit our YouTube channel for more materials.

2010 ETO Conference
November 19-21

Videotaped Proceedings:

Proceedings of the 3-day 2010 ETO Conference were taped to be archived and shared through our website. Recordings are in the process of being posted on the Internet with links from this page of our CBI website.
As an example, the link below will take you to the keynote by Huston Smith.

Huston Smith Keynote: November 19, 2010 

2009 ETO Conference
Videotaped Proceedings:

Key parts of the 4-day '09 ETO Conference were taped to be archived and shared through our website. These recordings are stored at various locations including YouTube, websites of partnering organizations and colleagues, and our CBI website. The links below will take you to these locations.

On-Site Videotaped Interviews:

Over the days of the '09 ETO Conference individuals were invited to share their personal thoughts and experiences of empathy, as well as impressions of the conference topic, presentations, on-going dialogue process, and cross-cultural learning community. The videotaped interviews available here are some examples offered to provide a glimpse of the 2009 conference experience.

2008 ETO Conference
On-Site Videotaped Interviews

The videotaped interviews below are samples from the 2008 ETO Conference experience.

7 Perspectives :
Stanley Krippner, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Geshe Gendun Gyatso, Kathleen Oweegan , Raj Miles , Hannah Moore, Dennis Browe

Check back for more to come
We are continuing to add recorded materials to our archives as they are compiled and prepared, and make them available through our website. In the future this aspect of our website will be regularly expanded and include interactive features to promote networking, shared knowledge, and cooperation.

We wish to express our thanks to those who have presented in our programs, and those who agreed to be interviewed and have their impromtu thoughts shared here.

Special Artistic Features:
Examples of the wonderful Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas, gifted each year by Geshe Gendun Gyatso and his colleagues.


Touch Drawing Interpretations of ETO Conferences:
View hundreds of beautiful and inspiring Touch Drawing interpretive images created simultaneously as events unfolded on-site by Deborah Koff-Chapin

portraying both the content and energy of the ETO Conferences
Find images from each year at:
2006 ETO    2007 ETO    2008 ETO

All images are available for purchase through Deborah's website, whether as signed archival fine art prints or originals. *20% of proceeds from sale of prints is donated to Common Bond Institute in support of our programs. We encourage you to visit Deborah Koff-Chapin at theTouch Drawing website to enjoy these and hundreds of additional amazing images created by this gifted artist, including hundreds of drawings from our ETO Conferences.

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