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2nd Annual
International Conference on
Transgenerational Trauma
     October 16-19, 2013

     Amman, Jordan

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8th Annual
International Conference on
Engaging The OTHER
     Spring, 2014
     Michigan USA

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5th Annual
International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, & Peace
      Spring, 2013
Dearborn, Michigan USA

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An Appeal and an Opportunity
to Support Clear Accomplishments for Peace in the World
by Bringing Peace Makers Together at the


Help Make A Difference

We hope you will join in supporting proven work in successfully building capacity for peace in troubled regions of the world by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION that allows key representatives from regions like the Middle East, Caucuses, Balkans, and South Asia, to receive conflict resolution training and meet together in this setting so this crucial work may continue and expand. Currently OVER 160 COMMITTED INDIVIDUALS have been identified from these regions of turmoil who wish to come to this year's Conference and receive this essential training, representing grassroots organizations actively engaged in peace and recovery efforts. The list is growing, and we need your help in acting on this window of opportunity to bring as many of these representatives as possible. Many participants are from both sides of existing conflicts who wish to connect with their counterparts for future cross-border cooperation. An important immediate focus is to assist participants from the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

In the middle of rising violence and stalled or failed peace negotiations at the government level, this LINKING BETWEEN PEACEMAKERS from all sides offers the best prospect for true peace, as it is through direct interaction and cooperation that we can develop ways to transform conflicts in clear, practical, and realistic ways on the ground.


The ICR Conference is endorsed by a growing list of over 90 organizations and universities internationally and has received support in the past from the presidents of the US and Russia (see our  Supporters). It is sponsored by Common Bond Institute (U.S.) and the International Humanistic Psychology Association. Participants travel at great personal hardship and expense, sometimes journeying through war zones to join the conference.

Results to Date

There has been an established, successful history of these kinds of dynamic networking and collaboration opportunities growing from the ICR Conference. As just one example, since 1997 we have funded a number of representatives from regions of war and conflict where there are large populations of civilian victims and refugees, including the Balkans, Middle East, Caucuses. During each of these conferences counselors and relief workers from these regions have been provided with intensive trainings in trauma recovery skills to increase their capacity to serve victims of trauma in their communities.

As a direct result of personal contacts between peacemakers - often from opposing sides of existing or recent conflicts - and the networking support of the conference organizers throughout the year, a number of important, cooperative, cross-border efforts have been pioneered in the 16 years the ICR Conference has existed.

Next Goals

We are now seeking contributions to enable us to bring as many representatives as possible from the Middle East, South Asia, Caucuses, and Balkans, to the 2009 16th ICR Conference for:

  1. Essential Face-to-Face Networking for grassroots, cross-border cooperation, as well as direct support by represented training organizations from around the world.
  2. Sharing First Hand Perspectives of current conflicts and exploring possible solutions from both sides through presentations, special roundtables, and planning meetings.
  3. Training in hands-on conflict resolution skills that participants can take back and share with their organizations and communities, including elements of the integrated Catastrophic Trauma Recovery model, designed to provide intensive training to local counselors, relief workers, and teachers throughout regions of conflict in effective tools to treat severe emotional trauma of victims of violence suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  4. Further development of the Catastrophic Trauma Recovery Project for application in the Middle East, South Asia, Caucuses, and Balkans, including planning and development meetings between regional NGO's and participating training institutes from various countries.

The 16 years of ICR Conference history is a clear example of what can be accomplished when individuals in positions to take action meet face to face in a positive atmosphere of cooperation and community. As a poignant testimony to this, participants from The Middle East, Caucuses, and Balkans state that, in contrast to the animosity and hostility back home, they have had more concrete opportunities to meet and form trusted, ongoing working relationships with each other at these conferences than if they had stayed in their home countries.

Your Support is Needed

Established now for 16 years, this major international conference has been completely self-funded, in addition to in-kind donations by approximately 50 presenters each year. Your contribution will bolster this and allow us to immediately include many crucially positioned peace workers in these regions where progress toward breaking the impasse to peace is in everyone's personal interest. In the midst of disastrous global events and expanding war, there are those who offer realistic hope through working for peace and easing suffering. If you, your colleagues, or your organization are drawn to such hope and are looking for a clear means of supporting peace and security in the world, we invite you to support the ICR Conference Subsidy Fund, specifically targeting key participants from regions of turmoil where this security is most in jeopardy. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

     Donor Categories:
$       10 - 500       Supporter
$     500 - 1,000    Advocate
$  1,000 - 2,000    Benefactor
$  2,000 - 5,000    Underwriter
$  5,000 - 15,000  Patron
$15,000    +          Major Patron

How to Help

TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS in support of the ICR Conference and relief projects may be made out to the "International Humanistic Psychology Association," a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with a note on the check ear marking it for "ICR Conference," and sent to:

Common Bond Institute
12170 South Pine Ayr Dr.
Climax, Michigan 49034 USA
Phone/Fax: (269) 665-9393 

Donations of any size are appreciated and can be made by PayPal Internet banking, check, money order, cashiers check, or credit card. Contributions can also be wired directly (contact CBI office for instructions).

Support is also possible through placing Advertisements in the On-Site Program.

For More Information

Information is also available by e-mail or fax upon request. If you wish more specific information on this appeal, clarification, or to speak with someone directly please contact Common Bond Institute.

We invite you to be part of this effort in endorsing healing and nonviolence in the world, and creating the practical, grassroots cooperation and essential tools to make it possible.

The 16th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution

A Multidisciplinary, Multicultural Conference
sponsored by
Common Bond Institute (USA)
the International Humanistic Psychology Association


Call For Proposals:  March 10, 2009

For pictures of previous conferences visit our Photogallery.

Detailed ICR Conference Information:

Common Bond Institute
Steve Olweean, Director,
12170  S. Pine Ayr Drive •
Climax, Michigan49034 USA
1-269-665-9393  (Phone and Fax

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