5th Annual International Conference on
Religion, Conflict, and Peace

Spring, 2013 ~ Dearborn, Michigan USA
Common Bond Institute

Presenter Proposal Form
for Breakout Session


* See Posted Guidelines for Proposals on our website

1. Name & Credentials ________________________________________________
   Address ___________________________________________________________


    Phone day (    )                                 eve (    )                             Fax (    )                    

    E-Mail:                                                 Web:                                                               

 2. Workshop/Presentation Title (for printed program - maximum 12 words):  


3. Workshop/Presentation Brief Description (for printed program - maximum 45 words)*
    Please be clear & direct about what you are going to present:  



4. RELEVANCE to the RCP Conference topic and mission: Please indicate how your presentation is relevant to the topic: "Religion, Conflict, and Peace: Walking The Talk To Compassion and Harmony," as well as how it advances public dialogue, awareness, and sensitivity to these issues (use additional paper if needed):


5. Session Format (Breakout sessions are 60 - 75 minutes in length). * Note: The RCP Conference is an interactive, dialogue oriented conference. All sessions are asked to include substantial dialogue and interaction. Lectures only are discouraged
   Check all that apply:

   [  ] Skills                 [  ] Experiential    [  ] Roundtable
   [  ] Demonstration   [  ] Discussion     [  ] Lecture        [  ] Multimedia

6. Personal/Professional Biographical Statement (for printed program - max. 75 words).
Please include credentials/degrees, occupation, and any position. Also include (separately) a current brief resume.
If you have co-presenters please also include their name and information.



7. Will this presentation be structured to meet Continung Education Credit (CEC) requirements?:
    [  ] Yes  [  ] No 

8. Any Equipment Needed (equipment is limited): __________________________________

9. PLEASE NOTE: The RCP Conference is a DIALOGUE PROCESS meant to build as a learning community over the 3 days of the program toward strategies and collaboration. As a result we strongly encourage presenters to be with us for all or most of the conference. Will you be participating throughout the conference?

11. TAPING: Conference sponsors periodically tape or photograph presentations for professional use. Please indicate if this is not agreeable (if not indicated it is assumed to be agreeable): [ ] I Agree   [ ] I do not Agree
_________________________      ________
   Signature                                           Date

12. A collection of ARTICLES submitted by conference presenters relevant to their presentations is being generated for publication in a virtual journal on our web site. Submissions in advance are requested. Guidelines are provided on request. Would you wish to contribute such an article? [ ] Yes [ ] No

[ ] Full Presentation Description: (approx. 200 words on separate sheet,
      with description of qualifications and familiarity with the subject)
[ ] A Current Brief Resume for all presenters and co-presenters
[ ] 2 Professional References (names, position, relationship, & contact info.).
       E-mail is preferred for references outside the US (f unavailable, fax number).
       For references within the US include E-mail, phone, and fax.
[ ] When We Can Reach You (best days and times):   

Proposal Submission

Please submit proposals by E-mail (preferred), fax, or land mail to:

   Common Bond Institute
Details at Website: www.cbiworld.org/Pages/Conferences_RCP.htm
Attn: Steve Olweean, Director, Conference Coordinator
12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, MI 49034 USA  
Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393   Email: SOlweean@aol.com   Website: www.cbiworld.org
(This form can be copied & pasted into an Email to complete & submit)
* See Posted Guidelines for Dialogue on our website at:

(*please submit proposal in plain text form to allows for easy editing)

(Presenters receive a 50% discount off Program Fee)

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Common Bond Institute
Steve Olweean, Director, SOlweean@aol.com
12170  S. Pine Ayr Drive •
Climax, Michigan49034 USA
1.269.665.9393 (phone and fax
Website: http://www.cbiworld.org